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18th June 2009

12:54pm: Well it's been a long time again. That seems to be the pattern, I'll update, and then a really long time goes by, and then I'll update again. I haven't really been checking this site at all for about 2 months. Anyway here's what's up in my world.

I am doing well in my class. I have an 84.6% in my class right now and we have 2 assignments left. A final paper (which counts as the final exam) worth 25 points and a quiz worth 10. If I can get the full 25 and 10 respectively I'll get an A- in the class. I don't really see that happening but I think I have a really good shot at a B in the class. The minimum I can get in both classes is a B in order to stay at UF. 2 B's won't get me the GPA I need, but it will let me continue. 2 A-'s would get me the GPA I need. I just hope that whatever happens that this is not my last semester there. I just need to finish already. I only have Summer B, Fall, and Spring left before I graduate. Anyway I think things are going to be ok.

Work still sucks. Its not that bad I guess but I'm really burned out. I'm sure everyone who knows me knows I've been burnt out at that place for a while now. I don't know if I posted about it or not but I finally got them to give me my pay back that they decreased. It wasn't what I wanted but it was at least enough for me to settle for. So now I'm a regular cashier again, I'm making what I was making as head cashier (which is still underpaid in my opinon, compared to the pay of my peers, but nonetheless pretty good as a regular cashier), I'm still considered full time even though I cut hours back to go to school, and I'm hoping if things go well with school I'll be able to stay working less hours there. It has definitely served its purpose by now and I just want to get a degree and start a career.

I am playing a show in Gainesville on the 24th. I thought I might have a band for it but that fell through.I'm going to play along with pre recorded bass and drum tracks. It's an idea I've been thinking of for a while, so I'm going to test it out this time. As far as the band, I'm hoping maybe I can work with those guys in the future and make them my back up band. Time will tell. If history is any indication, it won't work out.

Well I guess that's about it for now. I hope everyone is doing ok. Limp Bizkit is back, I'm happy about that. They need to tour the US now. OK well that's it.

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15th April 2009

10:05pm: Where did the time go?
Well its been a while...again. Caught up a little bit on other people's journals. Luci had an amazing trip to Cali, sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to go to California some day too. I'm pretty sure the guy in the plaid vest is a disney employee, looks like one of their uniforms, at least based on my WDW experience. I also read Hannah's journal. Sounds like things are going well for her too. The wedding is coming up in November. Hannah, give me your address so I can send you a save the date card.

I just got back from Texas. I recorded 5 songs in my uncle's studio. I now have a pretty decent sounding demo. If anyone would like to hear it, please let me know and I'll get you a copy. I'm going to try to start playing more shows. Maybe try to play like once a month somewhere. Even if it's open mic, I don't care, as long as I'm getting out there. It's not like I get paid for the regular shows anyway so what's the difference between that and open mic? Either way, it's at least 1 more person that's heard of me. I got a new message board on my website. I wish I knew web design so I could make my site look half way decent. I'm working on it. I'm getting some new recording gear and I'm going to give a new album a go. Need to write some words and finish it up but I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. My parents went with me to Texas and we had a pretty good time. We did 5 other songs with my dad, my uncle and me. A few of them had my aunt, mom, and cousin too.

The recording part was good, it kind of seemed like my aunt was being a little difficult, and I felt out of place on many more than 1 occassion, so it was kind of a mixed bag but I'm still glad that I took the trip. Hopefully it will be better next time. I'm starting UF again this summer. I think I posted about that whole situation before. I'm hoping I can get everything back on track and graduate so I can quit Lowe's and get a real job. As you all know, I pretty much hate my current job. I cannot wait to not have to work retail anymore. If things go well with music, maybe I won't have to teach either. Either way should be better than where I am now.

Well I guess that's about all that's going on now. Hope everyone is doing ok. Till next time,

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2nd March 2009

11:27pm: A Gator ONCE more!
Ok well I know I said I was going to try to update this thing a little more often. I'm still lazy I guess. Anyway some things have changed since my last update. First and foremost I'm still a GATOR! It came with some strings attatched, but I think I can get everything taken care of. What happened was last week I decided to email the dean of my college to see if he could help me. I wasn't very hopeful, but I figured he was about the only one who I hadn't talked to and I figured I had nothing to lose. Within 15 minutes of me writing to him, he had sent me a reply which stated that he had forwarded my email to the head of the advising center. That didn't do much to help my hopes because that guy is the guy who denied my appeal. I figured at least now I had some clousure knowing I had talked to everyone I could. Later that evening I receieved an email from the head of the advising center. He said he had reexamined my case, and determined that I had a valid point in the fact that they had never placed the first hold and never had that first meeting with me. He also said that he was going to lift my hold, and that he would give me until the end of the summer to get my grades up and get back on track. If I do this, I can stay at UF but if I don't, I'm out of there.

This is what I wanted in the first place, a fair chance. He said I need to take 2 upper division history courses and pass each with a B or higher to remain at UF. Getting B's will not raise my GPA to the required level so I don't know if he just wants to see some improvement or if he messed up, but I'm keeping the email just in case I get B's and if he tries to kick me out again I'm going to show it to him. I'm going to shoot for A's obviously because I want to make a good impresssion and also A's will raise the GPA to the required level. I'm planning to take 1 class in summer A and 1 in summer B and devote my undivided attention to each class. I also plan to cut my hours back at work severely to help me accomplish this.

Speaking of work, I'm still at Lowe's and I still hate it. I had asked to step down from being head cashier a year ago when I first got into UF and they finally got around to letting me step down recently. They also cut my pay $1/hr. which I'm not happy about. On the surface it seems logical, lower job title, lower pay. However, I've been there going on 5 years now, and I'm the first person I've seen get their pay lowered for stepping down. Not to mention that when I was head cashier there were cashiers making more money than me. I've been underpaid this whole time. I've called corporate about it and they're supposed to be checking into it. I hope something favorable happens with this. I can't wait to graduate and start teaching. I won't be rich but it's gotta be better than retail. I definitely can't take much more of this job.

In my personal life, I'm getting married in novemeber in Port St.Lucie. It's approaching so fast. I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the rest of the life I'm going to build with Stefanie. It seems like yesterday I was a senior in high school with no clue what I was going to do in life and I had just met her. 7 years later we're getting married and starting a life together. It definitely doesn't seem like 7 years. I can tell it's going to be a good life.

In music news, I got the feedback from the billboard songwriting contest. They basically said that the song was OK but they didn't want to select it for their competition. I'm ok with it. I'm glad they didn't slam it. I want to go to Texas to record in my Uncle's studio. I was thinking of doing my next CD there, but lately I've been thinking of just re recording some of my existing songs there to get a better quality recording. I think this would help me to have a better press kit that I could send out to labels and such. It would be kind of like when I was going to do that cd for dishwater records and I had everyone vote on which songs they wanted on it. Only this time it would actually happen and would be on GM records. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. A friend of mine at work wants to play drums with me and is setting up a practice space. I hope that we can get something together. That would be cool.

Well anyway I guess that's about all that's going on lately. Hope everyone is doing ok. Thanks for reading this if you did, and if you read this, drop me a line and let me know how you're doing. Also I'm addicted to The Office now and I got Stef addicted to it as well. Ok well that's it for now. Later,

P.S. I almost forgot, LIMP BIZKIT is back, get ready to have your faces rocked off again! Wes is back and LB is whole again. I'm so excited about this. They better play in Florida!

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21st January 2009

12:02am: A Gator No More...
I've been reading all of my old entries and I've decided I'm going to start using this thing more. Apparently I didn't update at all in 2008. Well it turns out I'm officially an ex UF student. I still strongly disagree with their decision but unfortunately it doesn't look like there's much I can do about it. They denied my appeal and I just found out they denied my petition as well. I think this whole situation is messed up. It's half their fault. Half is my fault for not getting good enough grades (although let the record show I never earned anything less than a "C" at UF, which at EVERY OTHER UNIVERSITY IN THIS FUCKING STATE is just fine. UF just thinks it's fucking harvard or something and is under the impression that you need straight A's or else you're just a complete idiot. Well anyway I'll explain the whole situation.

I am (or was) a history major at UF. The requirements for the major are that you must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA as well as a a 2.8 history GPA. I came into UF with a 2.3 Cumualtive and a 3.0 history GPA. My first semester there, I earned all C's so it dropped my GPA to a 2.75, which meant I was off track. You're only allowed to be off track for 2 consecutive semesters before you can't go there anymore. As soon as I went off track what was supposed to have happened was a hold should have been placed on my records which should have forced a meeting with an advisor. In that meeting, the advisor was supposed to sit me down and say something along the lines of "look you're messing up. You need to get your history GPA back up to a 2.8 or higher by the end of the fall semster or else you will not be able to continue at UF". That would have given me summer and fall to bring the grades up. After that meeting I would have been like "oh shit" and took history courses over the summer, got my grades back up, and had the required GPA at the start of the fall, and probably would have maintained it. I ended up getting B's in the classes I took over the summer, it's just too bad they weren't in history. I had some science requirements left to take care of, and since I didn't know there was a problem at all, let alone a serious one like there was, I took science courses over the summer instead of history courses.

What actually did happen was that they didnt place that hold until the end of the fall semester, and by that time there was nothing I could do to get the grades to where they needed to be. By the time they told me what was happening it was already nearing the end of the second consecutive semester. I had 2 assignments left in each course, one of them being the final. The situation was what it was by then. So I met with the undergraduate coordinator and the advisors at UF and explained about their mistakes and the fact that my father has alzheimers, my sister has epilepsy, and that I work a full time job and if they'd just let me have one more chance, I could show them that I can make the grades if I have the time to devote my full attention to it. I would have been able to arrange that. Well everyone I spoke with agreed that I had a good case and argument for staying at UF and encouraged me to appeal to stay at UF and to petition to have the history courses dropped for last semester. I appealed and petitoned. The appeal was denied, but they said they would reconsider it if the petition was approved. Well I found out tonight that the petition was denied as well. WTF?! I guess I'll try to email them again, but I think at this point it's pretty much over. I'm going to go to Santa Fe and take a few classes to get my cumulative GPA up to 2.5 (it's at 2.4 now) and then do elementary education through UCF. you can do that through the university center at CFCC in Ocala, so I don't have to move or anything.

I would just go to USF for history and move to tampa, but Stef is settled in her job and really loves it and I don't want to uproot her because UF is retarded. So hopefully plan B will work ok. If UCF doesn't pan out I'm gonna try University of Phoenix online for elementary ed. I still can't believe how UF made it out to look like everthing would be cool if I appealed but then just said "fuck off". I'll be a gator fan forever, but the actual school can suck my balls! This whole thing just doesn't make sense. At least I know I did everything I could do and it's just them being assholes and nothing to do with me though.

Other than that, I'm just working full time this semster. Gonna try to pay some bills and save some money maybe. I am getting married in november. Hopefully sometime soon I'll get a damned bachelor's degree and get a career. I've been in college for 7 years now and I only have a 2 year degree to show for it. At least I've made some progress but I'm really behind and I don't like it. I just want to graduate and start the next phase in my life. I feel stuck in the last phase. Well hopefully things will get better.

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7th January 2009

10:04am: It's been a while
Well I haven't updated this thing in forever so I guess I'll dust it off. Some things have been happening lately. I guess I'll start with the good news. I'm probably going to be getting a new job soon. I applied and was interviewed for an activity leader position for the after school program. I interviewed at 2 different schools. I feel like I have a decent shot because I have experience and whatnot. It's a 5 cent pay cut from Lowe's, which is so worth it, and the scheduling is a lot better. 4 days a week, 4 hours per day. Weekends and holidays off. Pretty much anytime the kids aren't there, I don't have to be either. As long as I can keep getting my financial aid checks, this job is ideal. Which leads me to the bad news...

I may be getting kicked out of UF soon. They placed a hold on my records because...

well that was apparently what I was typing last time I attempted to update this thing and decided not too. Here's what's happened since. It is now 11/7/09. to finish the last quote, they placed a hold on my records because I was off track in my major. I need a 2.8 gpa in history. I came in with a 3.0 but earned C's my first semester which dropped it to a 2.75. What should have happened was a hold should have been placed on my record immediately which would have prevented me from registering for more classes and forced a meeting with an advisor. In that meeting, the advisor would have told me that I need to fix my GPA issue by the end of the next semester or I would have to leave school. Then I would have just taken 2 history courses over the summer and everything would have been fine. What actually did happen was they didn't place a hold on my record until almost a whole year later, and when I went to see the advisor about it, they just skipped straight to the "you're out of here" part. After a lot of meetings, paperwork, signatures, and the like, I think things are relatively fixable. Looks like after an appeal and a petition, I'll be able to take classes again, and I can have some of my past history courses dropped, which will put me in a better position to raise the GPA to the required level. Hopefully it all works out. As for the new job, I interviewed at 3 schools, and they all seemed to go well, yet no one called back. I thought that was a little strange because the interviews seemed like they went well and I have experience. I guess they have their reasons though. So I guess it's Lowe's for a little while longer. Hopefully I'll get this mess with school straightened out and I'll be a teacher soon. Speaking of school, I'm heading to miami today so that tomorrow Charlie and I can go to the BCS NATIONAL TITLE GAME!!! WOO HOO!!! I still can't believe we got tickets. My grandma works for a lawyer in Miami. He came to their christmas dinnner this year (he does every year). When he walked in we were saying our hellos and he noticed I had a gator shirt on. He asked if I was going to the game, and I was like "Yeah whatever I wish I was going to the game" and so he says "well a friend of mine wants to sell his tickets for face value, but I gotta let him know by the end of the night, do you want them?" and I was like "Hold that thought", so then I went to my brother and told him, and my brother bought the tickets and now we're going. I have to pay my brother back, but it should still be an amazing experience. I hope they win. I want them to win anyway cause it's my team but especially since I'm going all the way there and spending the money and everything. That would be so cool to say you were there. Gary says if they win he wants to come to Gainesville for the celebration. I really hope they can pull it off. Maybe I'll be on tv, we're sitting pretty close to the field. Who knows. Well anyway, that's about all that's going on with me. School's a mess, work still sucks, and I'm going to the game. Hopefully in the future I can only be bitching abot work except making more money and having more time off. Life has got to get better. Till next time,

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2nd September 2007

11:14pm: New Gear
I'm excited! I just bought this on ebay. It should be out to me soon. I'm planning on starting to play shows again soon, so hopefully this will work out ok. If it doesn't, I've still got an awesome guitar to add to the collection. I've been listening to The Living End a lot lately, and I know that Chris plays gretch's, but for some reason I keep envisioning me playing their songs on a Les Paul, which is partly what prompted this purchase. Well anyway just wanted to let the world know. And now, bow to the awesomeness that is my new guitar. Thanks!

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23rd June 2007

9:59am: Just in case anyone was wondering, here's what's been going on lately. I got into UF, but it doesn't matter because I failed the CLAST math test. I was admitted on the conditions of earning a 2.8 GPA or better in my history courses and passing that damn test. I got a 3.0 in the history classes, but I missed the CLAST test by 2 questions. I have to wait until july 22nd to take it again. In addition, I have to pass 2 more practice tests with a 70 or better in the CLAST lab, and I might have to pay to retake the test. I've been talking to different people at UF to see what my options are. The associate dean at the college of liberal arts and sciences told me that I would have to wait until spring to apply again because it was too late to apply for fall. I emailed the admissions office though, and the lady there said she coud switch my application so I wouldn't have to fill a new one out, and she asked what I would be doing from july-december. It sounds to me like I may be able to get in during the fall if she's wondering what I'll be doing then. I wrote back and said I'll be working on that test unless I can get in during the fall. I'm just going to study a lot and take it again on the 22nd and hope I pass it. It's the only thing I have left to do. I don't have any more classes I need to take, I actually already have way more credit hours than I need to graduate. You only need 60 and I have 90 or maybe more. You need 120 for a bachelors, but I'm pretty sure that when I transfer to UF they're only going to accept 60 of my credit hours. That kind of sucks but oh well, at least I'm finally making progress. I feel like I've been in CC forever. I just want to get into UF, and then get my degree and start teaching so I don't have to work at Lowe's anymore. I know I can do it, I just wish that it would have been done already. I always seem to just barely fail instead of just barely pass. Well anyway that's pretty much the situation with school. I've got 9 days off from work, which is pretty cool. It's my vacation time. I'm going to Universal on friday and saturday. Stefanie, Melissa, Stephanie, and I are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, which I'm really looking foward to. I've always wanted to stay there. We tried to get Brian to go but he couldn't. I'm excited about the room key express pass thing, that should help a lot. When Stef and I stayed at the Royal Pacific for the Carlos Mencia show, the express pass thing didn't even matter because the parks were pretty dead anyway. I've been trying to write some new music. I've got 3 or 4 pretty solid ideas, but the music is definitely not finished yet and I haven't written any lyrics yet. It'll come in time. Ben Kweller and Tim Fite are coming to Orlando and Jacksonville in August. I'd like to go, but it looks like I don't have anyone to go with, so I might just sit this one out. Michael Moore's new movie is coming out soon, I'm definitely going to that. I guess that's really all I can think of that's going on right now. They're making a Fender Stratocaster guitar controller for the xbox 360 which I want to get when it comes out. Ok now that's all I can think of. Hope everyone is ok. Later

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30th April 2007

1:46pm: Profound Thought Of The Day
Actually I came across this quote a few weeks ago but I'm posting it today

"Life goes on within you and without you"

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8th April 2007

10:48am: Not too much going on lately.
just thought I'd dust this thing off. Finishing my AA degree and hopefully going to UF in the summer. Still working at Lowe's, still sucks. My birthday is next weekend and Guitar Hero II is one of the most fun games I have ever played. That's about it for now.

Oh yeah and I'm getting married at Disney World!

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23rd January 2007

1:38pm: Brigham Young had 27 wives and fathered 56 children. I'm pretty sure I saw Andre Caldwell at Burger king yesterday.

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9th January 2007

7:46am: Ohio State = Gator Bait!
Today was my first day of classes for the new semester. The classes I'm taking will fulfill the pre reqs to enter the history program at UF. I also need to pass the math portion of the CLAST. So far the classes look like they won't be that bad, I'm still worried about the math though. That's the biggest obstacle in my way right now. Last night, UF defeated Ohio State 41-14 to win it's second national title. It was cool for many reason, it has been 10 years since the first national title, it's their 100th season, they also won the basketball national title for '06. Most of all, it's the gators silencing the critics and proving they're the best team in college football. They've always been my team and always will be. Hopefully, I will be admitted to that university this summer. I'll just have to wait and see. Anyway though, national title #2 and another SEC title are in the record books now. Urban Meyer deserves major respect for winning a national title in only his 2nd season at the school. That's a huge accomplishment. I hope the team next year is still good. I'm sure they'll at least do well. I'm going to buy the shirt and the hat, and I guess whatever else I see that looks cool. The celebration is saturday in the swamp, and I'm definitely going. I missed the one in '96. Also on saturday, Stef and I are going to Disney and staying the night. Stephanie got accepted into the Disney College Program and we're going to go visit her. She's getting us 60% off on our hotel room. That'll be fun cause we haven't been to Disney in a while. I also found out that Joe just moved up here so I'm going to try to get together with him at some point. Things seems to be looking up at work as well. I got the head cashier posistion, which comes with a raise. They also said I could probably switch to full time, so I'll be able to get enough hours, and with the new raise, I'll be able to pay my bills and have some extra money left over. Extra money is definitely a good thing. It looks like everything is coming together nicely so far, so I hope the rest of the year turns out that way. That's really all the recent news, I hope everyone else is doing great.

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26th December 2006

11:41am: Christmas is over
Christmas has come and gone, it was a pretty good one. I worked christmas eve from 8-5 at Lowe's. It wasn't too bad, but I wish I could have had that day, and today off. I guess you can't always get what you want all the time though. I'm going to try to put in for the holidays next year now, so they can't say someone already asked. I'm working today from 2-11, so hopefully by then all of the stupid after christmas sale shoppers will have gone away. I never really understood why Lowe's gets busy. I mean it's Lowe's, we sell nuts and bolts, woo hoo! At least it lets me get hours though, and I could definitely use the money. After work christmas eve, my brother and I drove down to Ocala and spent christmas eve with our family. We slept at my parents house and had christmas day there too. On christmas eve, we went to my cousin's house and exchanged gifts with them. My cousin got the Xbox Live 3 month starter kit and he can't use 90% of what's in it cause he has a regular xbox and most of the stuff in the kit is for the 360. I don't know why his mom didn't just buy him a subscription card, that's literally the only thing he can use out of that kit. I would ask him if I could have the other stuff, but I know he'd just make a scene and not give it to me, so I just didn't say anything. He needs to get a router anyway, cause they only have one connection to the internet. I'll let them figure it out though. Christmas day was nice. I think everyone liked what I got them, even though April already had the cd I got for her. I guess she can go exchange it and get another one though. My parents got me Khaki pants and Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 for the 360, April got me a gift card to Best Buy, Charlie got me a Ramones shirt, and my Grandpa gave me money. He gave Stefanie money too, but I lost it like an idiot. I remember him giving it to me, but I have no idea what I did with it. I should have just put it in my wallet. Well anyway yesterday, Charlie and I spent all day at my parents house, then we came back here and played Xbox and ate dinner. Today we both have to work, so that kind of sucks, but at least we're making money. Some things I'm looking foward to are new years, picking up Stefanie from the airport on the 3rd, and the Gators playing for the national championship on the 8th. I really miss Stefanie. When I pick her up, it will have been 23 days since I've seen her last. It was too bad that we couldn't spend christmas together, but maybe we can next year. I guess that's about all that's happening with me lately. I hope everyone had a great christmas and that you all have a happy new year.

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6th November 2006

2:53pm: Not too much has been going on lately. I'm not sure what was going on last time I updated but I'm sure it's probably about the same now. I've been going to work and not going to school but studying for the CLAST test instead, so that I can pass it and become eligible to graduate. I really have no more classes I need to take to graduate from SFCC, but I'm going to take some history pre req's next semester in order to meet the qualifications for admission to the history program at UF. For those of you who don't know, I changed my major to history because I have a better shot of getting into UF for history instead of english. The current plan is take and pass the CLAST this semester, take the pre req's next semester, and hopefully get into UF in the summer. So far I've been working with the CLAST workbook this semester. I did all of the excercises and graded each individual set. Then I went over it all, and picked out each set that I scored below a 75% on. I'm going to do those sets of questions over again and hopefully figure out what I did wrong. After I figure that out, I plan to go take the practice tests at SFCC and after that the real test. That's pretty much it on the school front. On the work front, well the bottom is dropping out of Lowe's. They've been cutting our hours back for a while now, but just recently they delivered the final blow. I need 30 hours a week to pay my bills. For a while they've been scheduling me 24, which is close, but still leaves me about $170 short every month. I've been mostly able to fill in the gaps with people calling in sick and things like that, so it's been kind of working out. Well the other day they informed us that they're cutting our hours back to 12 per week. Yeah I cannot do anything with 12 hours per week. I've been unhappy at that place for a while now, but this is the last straw for me. After everything I've done to help them out, that's what I get. So I went and got a job for the holiday's at Target. Target said I could probably stay on after the holidays, but that most likely my hours would be cut. I'm thinking it could work out if I could work half at target and half at lowe's, or something. I don't know, but it's extremely inconvenient. I'll get it all squared away eventually. I still have to wait for Target to call and give me my orientation date. I took the drug test and everything, so I should have the job. I don't think they'd make me take a drug test if they weren't going to hire me. Hopefully they'll call today. A friend of mine also got a job there, and they called him the day before it had been a week since he applied. Tomorrow will be 1 week since applying for me, so I'm expecting to hear from them today. If not, I'll call them. So I've had lots of free time which has been nice, but it sucks to have to no money and it also kind of sucks because I don't really have friends that I hang out with up here so I pretty much just spend a bunch of time alone. Today I made an effort to hang out with some friends from work. They said they'd call me back , but I haven't heard back yet. I think we might go to the movies later to see SAW III. Speaking of friends, last weekend I saw Joe Onimus and Matt Parker. It was nice to see them again. Matt bought me lunch at Cracker Barrel. Joe said he's moving to Orlando and possibly Gainesville. That would be cool. Speaking of Orlando, Stef and I are going to Disney this weekend and staying at the Carribbean Beach Resort. We've never stayed there before, so it should be cool. Stephanie and Melissa are going too. It's super soap weekend, which is where they have all of the ABC Soap stars in the MGM park and have a bunch of soap opera themed activities. I have a feeling I may be taking some solo excursions during said activities. The weekend after that it's Carlose Mencia at CityWalk and staying at the Royal Pacific Resort. That will be cool too because it's a nice hotel and it'll be the first time Stef and I have stayed there alone. We stayed there last year when her father had a room there. I can't wait for the room key express pass thing, that will be cool. Charlie and I have also been working on getting a universal trip together, he wants to get some more use out of his pass. I pretty much have every day off now, so I said I was down for whenever. I hope we can get it together cause that would be fun. I'm also working on getting a whole family trip to Universal together as well, because they announced that they are giving away free tickets to Florida teachers. My mom , as many of you know, is a teacher, and my dad still has a certificate, so they could both get in free, my brother has a pass, Stef has a pass, I have a pass, and we can get half price tickets for Ashley and April so it could be a nice trip. We also get free parking and discounts on pretty much everything with our passes, so that would be awesome. We were just there for Halloween Horror Nights which was ok. It was our first (and probably last) time at that event. I wanted to at least go one time. The big reason I decided to go was because they had a haunted house called "PSYCHOPATH: The Return Of Norman Bates". Most of you who know me know that I am a big fan of the Psycho movies, so I had to go see it. Stef and I went with some friends of mine from work. We went to the parks during the day and then horror nights at night. We had a blast during the day. Horror Nights was ok, but the chainsaw drill team was the big fly in the ointment for us. Stef didn't really like it at all, and at first the chainsaw guys scared me but then it just became annoying. All in all I had a good time, I did everything I wanted to do and only paid $25, so it wasn't an unsuccessful night, but I don't think I'll go back again. I think next year we're going to Mickey's not so scary halloween party. In the beginning of december, we're going to Syracuse, NY to visit Stef's mom. That should be fun. I wasn't going to go originally, but when I found out that I got the job at target, I knew I'd have the money so I went ahead and bought the ticket. That should be fun. Well that's pretty much all that's been going on with me lately. I hope that brings everyone who was curious up to speed. Hope everyone out there is doing well. Till next time,

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8th September 2006

11:58am: Ok well once again I haven't updated this thing in a long time. I guess I just either don't remember to update, or don't feel like anything too important is happening to talk about. I'll try to bring everyone up to speed about what's been going on lately. Well it's basically the same old stuff, school and work. I'm very close to getting my AA degree. In fact, I could already have my AA degree, but I'm going to stay at SFCC for two more semesters so thatI can meet the requirements to get into UF. That's been a really big thing for me lately, as anyone who knows me knows that UF is the only place I've ever wanted to go to school. Recently it's been brought to my attention that UF is a hard school to get into,and that they may not be interested in accepting a slacker like me into their fine institution of higher learning. Not exactly headline news, I guess it just kind of hurts when it's confirmed. Anyway, I did some digging around, and I found out that I still have a shot of being accepted as a history major rather than an english major. I went and talked with an advisor just to make sure I read the requirements correctly, and he said that I did. My new plan for UF is to take the CLAST this semester, which will make me eligible to graduate from SFCC. Next semester, I'll take the other 2 history courses that I need as pre req's, and then in the summer I'll apply to UF as a history major. The advisor said that it sounded like a good plan to him, so now all I have to do is put it into action. So hopefully summer '07 I'll officially be a gator. We'll see. As for work, well what else is new, it sucks. They're cutting all of the part time associate's hours to 20 per week. That's not good because I need 30 per week to pay my bills. I've heard they might be cutting them even further to 12 per week, which is totally unacceptable and would force me to get a new job. I'm already looking around for jobs, and I'm going to apply to be an after school counselor for the school board. It pays about the same as Lowe's, so I figure I can work at aftercare for 20 hours and Lowe's for 10. Hopefully it will all work out ok. If not, well I guess if it doesn't work out with UF I'll have to go to UCF or USF, and if it doesn't work out with Lowe's, I'll have to get another job somewhere else. Hopefully everything will just fall into place. The good thing about having cut hours is I have more free time. I'm enjoying that, and so far just by chance, I've been able to get enough hours to get by. Hopefully that trend will continue. Well anyway I guess that's really about all with me lately. Focusing on getting into UF and paying the bills. My short term goals for now are 1)get out of SFCC, 2)get into UF, 3)get out of UF and start the next chapter of my life. Hopefully it will work out. Well that's it so I'll go now. Just wanted to update.

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23rd July 2006

2:15pm: I am beyond fed up with my job. I fucking hate that place. Today I got stuck covering tools and hardware for 5 hours by myself. Everyone keeps asking me all these questions that I don't have a clue about cause guess what, I DON'T WORK IN HARDWARE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really know all that much about tools, but at least if they ask me in that department I can't get too mad cause they're asking the right person. Also, a brand new person go the head cashier posistion. What the fuck is that? I've been there almost 2 years and everyone said I'd be good for that posistion and they go and fucking hire someone off the street? Fuck that! I bend over backwards to help that store out and all I ever get is kicked in the ass for it. I cannot wait to get my degree so I can overhead page "SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOING HOME" and walk out of that hell hole.

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18th July 2006

11:13am: Ok well I haven't really updated this thing in a while. That's usually the pattern. What's been going on lately? Well so far for the summer I found out that the deadline to apply for spring at UF was in march, so even if I had applied on time, I still wouldn't have been accepted because my GPA in march wasn't much better than it is now. The plan now is to get the GPA up by passing my summer classes, take and pass the CLAST, graduate, and get into UF, then graduate and get a real job. Speaking of a job, they moved me to the tool department at Lowe's. I don't know if I updated about that already or not. It was/is quite an experience, considering that my knowledge of tools is basically limited to where they are located in the store. I do kind of feel like I'm coming into my own a little bit over there though (finally). I'm able to answer 99% of the questions of where certain tools are, and lately I've even been able to answer more than that. As long as the questions don't get too detailed, I'm ok. Luckily one of my coworkers actually is a contractor too, so I ask him questions all the time, and he's really good to learn from. Word on the street is that one of the head cashiers is leaving next month and they want me to take over the posistion. I want that job, cause I already know cashiering, and it would be a promotion. I've never been promoted at a job before. I was supposed to be a manager at UA, but then regal bought it and they transferred and existing manager instead, which fucking sucks because that would have looked really good on a resume. Anyway though, the only thing I'm worried about in getting the head cashier posistion is if the HR manager tries to block it. The regular HR manager is going to the new store they're building here, so the acting HR manager is this lady that hates everyone (the feeling is mutual). Everyone else up front said I'd be good for the job though, so hopefully it will happen. That's about all as far as work and school go. Music is about the same. Some guy in Australia has my same name, and I'm gonna send him some free cd's. That'll be the 2nd time someone in Australia has paid attention to my music. The power of the internet is awesome. My music has been heard in 5 or 6 foreign countries. Not like I'm a superstar or anything but it's awesome to think something I created in my bedroom has the potential to make it around the world. I got an Xbox 360. It's pretty cool. I ended up selling my PSP and using the money from that towards the 360, so in effect it's like I traded in my PSP for a 360. When all was said and done with the PSP money factored in, I ended up getting the 360 premium edition with an extra wireless controller and 3 games for $260. All that stuff retail is over $600, so I think I did well for myself in that department. I softmodded Charlie's original xbox yesterday, it was fun. I'd been wanting to do that for a while. I'm going to Disney World in September! I'm excited, cause it's actually going to be a real vacation. We're staying 2 nights at the all star sports resort. We wanted Pop Century, but it was booked. We ended up getting the passholder rate of $59 per night, which by the way the FL resident rate is the same, in case anyone is planning on going to Disney anytime soon. I'm excited. I need a vacation, everything in my life seems really stressful lately. It will be good to go to Disney and just chill and have fun. Well anyway that's about all that's going on with me lately. Hope everyone is doing ok.

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22nd May 2006

8:58pm: Ok so what's new. Well the Spring semester ended, and while I did pass both of my classes, I still didn't get that B I needed in math to avoid taking the CLAST test. That was a downer, so now I have to learn all the math for that test and go take and pass it. I think I can do it, I was just really hoping I wouldn't have to. I got a new car! It's a 2002 Honda Accord with 10,660 miles on it. It still has the factory warranty and everything. What happened was my car was giving me trouble (again) and this time they said that it was going to be $850 to fix. For those of you who don't know, my car has been costing me at least $400 every couple months, if not more freqently, for a while now. This time I decided it was time to make a case with my parents to get a new one. $850 is a nice down payment a new car, and I figured even if I did pay to get it fixed, a few months down the line something else would just break. It was at the point where to make a car payment would be about the same amount as I was paying to fix my car, so I decided to pay for a new one instead. I really like it. Air conditioning is so awesome to have. I've been without it for the past three years now. That sable was a good car while it lasted, but it really deteriorated towards the end. Anyway though, I got the new car and it's awesome. I'm taking two bullshit courses over the summer to get my GPA up high enough to get into UF. I can't wait to go to school there. It's the only school I've ever wanted to go to in my whole life. Things at work are going ok. They are transferring me to the tools department. I don't know much about tools, so I hope that the training is informative cause I'm pretty sure for the first couple of weeks I'm going to get eaten alive by customers who want to ask questions I don't know the answers to. The good part is that they said I could probably get a raise, and right now I need all the money I can get. I'm going to miramar on tuesday to help my grandfather move up to Ocala. he is going to move in with my parents. They just bought a new house. It's way nicer than the one they were renting. I'm happy for them. I'm glad they only live 45 min away now instead of 7 hours. Well I guess that's pretty much it for now. New tasks at work, new car, and still working on getting into UF. Hope everyone is ok.

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8th May 2006

10:24am: Some Exciting News
The Living End's new cd "State Of Emergency" will be released in the US on 7/11/06! Even better, they're now signed to Adeline Records, which is owned by none other than Billie Joe Armstrong. They're going to be on warped for part of it, and they're also doing a US headlining tour, but according to their website, they're not coming to FL, which really sucks. I'll still buy the cd anyway though. Not too much else going on. I have to fight financial aid tomorrow. They took away my financial aid last semester because I had failed some classes. I re took them this past semester and passed both of them, but they're still telling me that I can't have financial aid. I'm going to wait till tomorrow when the grades are released to see if that changes anything, and if it doesn't, I need to go and get to the bottom of why they still say I'm ineligible. That's about it, just school and work. I'm planning a few trips to Orlando over the summer to hit up the parks. At least one I'm hoping to be a group trip, so if anyone wants to go, let me know.

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18th April 2006

12:06pm: It's been forever since I updated this thing. Does anyone still use it anymore? It seems like myspace is all the rage now. Well anyway what's been going on. I don't know if I will get straight A's this semester, but as long as I can get a B in math that will exempt me from the CLAST, and if I can get good enough grades to get the GPA I need to get into UF by Fall, that's all that really matters to me. I hope I can do it. The debt thing is coming along ok I guess. I almost have my SEARS card paid off. I need to pay that off by July to avoid the 24% interest they want to charge me. It's almost time to renew my Universal Passes. Well actually it is time, but they give you a month extra to renew. I hope I can get the money by the deadline. I've been working 30 hours per week at Lowe's, and it's been working out ok. Not having financial aid this semester has really made it hard on me. I hope I get it back for the summer and every semester after that. Aside from money issues, school is going ok I guess. Like I said, just want to get into UF and graduate. Work is alright. I'm trying to see about getting a raise. I talked to my manager about it and she agreed but she said she has to talk to the store manager about it. I've been trying to learn more about how to work on my car lately. It seems like every time I turn around the mechanic wants to charge me a bunch of money, so anything I can do myself I want to learn. So far I've replaced my PCV valve and yesterday I successfully changed my fuel filter. I was really proud of myself because a few years ago I would never even dream of being able to do any of that. It wasn't too hard but I think if I ever have to do it again I'll be better prepared next time. I ran into some trouble and I've been thinking about it, and I think I know some things I could do different next time to make things go more smoothly. Last friday was my birthday. 22 years old. It was pretty good. I went to Pizza hut for dinner with my parents, Stefanie, and some friends from work. Afterwards, my friends and I saw Scary Movie 4. It was a good movie. It was good to hang out with friends. It seems like I haven't really had a circle of friends to hang out with since moving to SC in 2002. It kind of made me miss hanging out with my friends in Boynton a little, but I had fun nonetheless. Last night I went bowling and out to eat with some friends. That was pretty fun. It was a late night, but it was fun. Made me think of hanging out with Brian, Stefanie,Stephanie, and Melissa, and then going to Denny's. We went to Perkins last night. Too bad it was on a night where I had class at 9:30 in the morning. They always invite me to go bowling but they always go on mondays and I never can go cause of class but last night I figured I'd just go anyway. It's my vacation from work, and I hadn't really done anything, so I figured why not. Stefanie's dad and her brother came to visit for easter. It had been a while since I'd seen them. It was good to see them. We went out to eat a couple times and to the mall. Things seem to have been going well recently. A few problems here and there but overall, things have been stable. I hope they stay that way. I guess there's not too much else to write about. I hope everyone is doing good. Maybe I'll update this thing in another 4 months, we'll see. Till next time,

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10th January 2006

12:17pm: The Home Stretch
Today is the official start of classes for the spring semster for me. So far I've had my math class and my science class. I still haven't been to my lab yet, that starts in about 45 minutes. It sucks because my lab is 45 minutes after my class ends. At least it's only on tuesdays. I think I should be able to do well in both classes. I'm hoping to get A's in both, so that I can boost my GPA, and also so that I will be exempt from the math portion of the CLAST test. Also if I get good grades, I should be able to get my financial aid back, and get into UF. I'm really missing that financial aid this semester because right now I'm broke. I'm really broke. I've been trying to come up with ways to get money. I'm not sure if working more hours would be a good solution, because I need time to focus on my classes. I'm going to try to get to bed early so I'm refreshed in the morning before class. I'm going to try to do everything I can to earn those A's and get my education back on track. I was thinking about selling my Epiphone Casino and my Peavey amp on ebay. If I could get $600 for the guitar, it's case, and the amp, that would be cool with me. I'm not sure if anyone would be willing to pay that for it, but I guess I could put it up and see what happens. It's not an unreasonable price for what they would be getting. I went to NY for new years, that was fun. I got to fly, which is cool, cause you can go great distances in a matter of hours. That still amazes me. I like traveling. I would like to do some more of it when I get more money. I have a new years resolution to get out of debt, graduate from SFCC and get into UF. Those are my 2 resolutions. I'm not sure if the get out of debt one can happen, but hopefully I can at least significantly reduce the debt if nothing else. The passholder preview for Expedition Everest is later this month. That should be fun. I'm hoping to use the funds from the sale of my guitar and amp (if it goes down like that) to renew my disney and universal passes. I don't play the Casino all that much and I have my Marshall Half Stack now so I don't need the peavey either. I guess it all comes down to what they're willing to pay, cause I don't want to let that stuff go for any less that $600. I think I'm going to also go apply for the after school counselor posistion. Perhaps I'll put in some applications at other places too. I was thinking about Best Buy. Lowe's is getting old and I"m getting real burnt out on it. It's not so bad when I'm actually a cashier, but they keep making me a loader, and I hate that. I didn't apply to be a loader, I wasn't hired as a loader, hell I wasn't even asked if I wanted to be a loader. One day they didn't have one and they just assigned it to me. I really don't like it, so I'm going to see if I can get another job. The after school counselor posistion would be ideal because it fits my schedule, and it pays more. I'd probably be making the same amount of money, but I'd be working less hours, and I'd have more time to devote to school and leisure, which would be awesome. I'm playing a show on the 19th of this month, and I might even have a band to back me up. A few guys from school said they want to get together and play, so we'll see what comes of that. I've got my work cut out for me this semester. It basically comes down to paying the bills and making the grades. We'll see in April if I have been able to do that. Hopefully I will be. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great. I'll try to update later.

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17th November 2005

1:51pm: Christmas List '05
For anyone that is going to get me a christmas gift but is having trouble thinking what to get, I put this list together as a guideline. If it doesn't apply to you, please disregard this list. To those that it does apply to, feel free to get me anything not on this list that you think I'd like. This isn't everything I want, it's just all I could think of. So anyway here's the list.

Christmas List 2005

Gift Card to stores I like
Beavis and Butthead DVD's
Seinfeld DVD's
Any other shows you know I like but don’t have on DVD yet
Any movies you know I like but don’t have on DVD yet
The Living End/Roll On double pack (available at www.thelivingend.com)
Foo Fighters – In Your Honor
Green Day DVD “Bullet in a Bible”
Jimmy Eat World – “Bleed American”
SR71- “Here We Go Again” (Available at www.sr-71.net)
Fastball - Keep Your Wig On
Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Re Present
Any CD’s you know I’d like but don’t have yet.

K&N Air Filter

Xbox 360 Premium Edition

This is all I can think of at the moment. If you can think of anything else you’d like to get me, feel free. I just put this list together as a guideline for anyone who’s going to buy me gifts but was having trouble thinking what to get.

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13th November 2005

6:17pm: Just in case anyone cares....
I uploaded my entire new cd "Broken Hearted And The Angel's Wings" for anyone who wants to hear it at www.travismcleod.com . It's all there, so you can download it and burn it, or you can just click on a song to hear it if you want. Just thought I'd let everyone know. I might also be putting up the other cd's as well.

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11th November 2005

2:49pm: I ain't 'fraid a no ghost!

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27th October 2005

12:11am: This happens to me every night. I can never go to sleep, I always find myself up worrying about what's going to become of me. The only thing that will make me feel better is after I graduate from college. Then I can say that I did it, that I went through what everyone else has been through and came out of it successful. That I lived up to the expectations everyone has for me. I feel like I haven't been living up to them for some time now. I just feel inferior to everything and everyone. It's a really bad feeling. It consumes every aspect of my life daily. I'm always worrying about what will become of me. I always start out each semester telling myself that this semester I will stay on top of things and get good grades, but no matter what, no matter how hard I try, I'm always behind and trying desperately to pass by the end of each semester. This was supposed to be over by now. I've faced these trials before. It was called high school. It was hard but I came through it and I graduated. It was over. Now it's the same old shit again, on a different level. When will it end? Please just get me through this, I can't take this much longer. Sometimes when I'm up at night, I try to study,and that makes me feel better because I feel like I'm taking steps toward passing, but it's a false sense of security because no matter what, no matter how much I study, I always seem to fail tests. I just am not cut out for this shit. It's so pointless. Make it stop. I just need to pass 4 classes and a stupid math test. That's all that stands between me and an associate of arts degree, this should not be that big of a deal, yet it seems like the hardest task ever set forth for anyone to accomplish. why? I swear to god I can do this. I'll feel much better when I get out of CC and into a university. Even though I'll still be behind, it'll feel better knowing that I'm only 2 years away from being done with school instead of having a bunch of question marks as a summary for my future. Not knowing sucks.

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